[Munich, Germany / Ottawa, Canada , 4 October] — FRAMOS launched the FSM-IMX636 Development Kit, an innovative platform allowing developers to explore the capabilities of Event-based Vision Sensing (EVS) technology and test potential benefits of using the technology on NVIDIA® Jetson with the FRAMOS sensor module ecosystem.

Built around SONY and PROPHESEE’s cutting-edge EVS technology, this developer kit simplifies the prototyping process and helps companies reduce time to market.

Event-based Vision Sensing (EVS)

Unlike conventional sensors that transmit all visible data in successive frames, the EVS sensor captures only the changed pixel data, specifically luminance changes. Each event package includes crucial information: pixel coordinates, timestamp, and polarity, resulting in efficient bandwidth usage.

By reducing the transmission of redundant data, this technology lowers energy consumption and optimizes processing capacities, reducing the cost of vision solutions.

EVS sensors provide high-speed and low-latency data output. They give outstanding results in monitoring vibration and movement in low-light conditions.

The FSM-IMX636 Development Kit consists of an IMX636 Event-based Vision Sensor board with a lens, all necessary adapters, accessories, and drivers, crafted into a comprehensive, easy-to-integrate solution for testing EVS in embedded applications systems on NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ and NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin platforms.

The PROPHESEE Metavision® Intelligence Suite provides machine learning-supported event data processing, analytics, and visualization modules.

FRAMOS’ new Development Kit is an affordable, simple to use, and intelligent platform for testing, prototpying, and faster launch of diverse EVS-based applications in in a wide range of fields, including industrial automation, medical field, automotive and mobility, and IoT and monitoring.

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