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May 2014 Embedded Vision Summit Proceedings
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"Convolutional Networks: Unleashing the Potential of Machine Learning for Robust Perception Systems," Yann LeCun, Facebook

"Self-Driving Cars," Nathaniel Fairfield, Google

View the Conference Technical Presentations

"Computer Vision Powered by Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA)," Harris Gasparakis, AMD

"Multiple Uses of Pipelined Video Pre-Processor Hardware in Vision Applications," Rajesh Mahapatra, Analog Devices

"How to Make the World More Interactive: Augmented Reality as the Interface Between Wearable Tech and the Internet of Things," Ori Inbar, AugmentedReality.org

"Trends and Recent Developments in Processors for Vision," Jeff Bier, BDTI

"What's New in Tools for Vision Application Design and Development?," Jeff Bier, BDTI

"Taming the Beast: Performance and Energy Optimization Across Embedded Feature Detection and Tracking," Chris Rowen, Cadence

"Challenges in Object Detection on Embedded Devices," Adar Paz, CEVA

"Evolving Algorithmic Requirements for Recognition and Classification in Augmented Reality," Simon Morris, CogniVue

"The OpenVX Hardware Acceleration API for Embedded Vision Applications and Libraries," Neil Trevett, Khronos

"How to Create a Great Object Detector," Avinash Nehemiah, MathWorks

"Embedded Lucas-Kanade Tracking: How it Works, How to Implement It, and How to Use It," Goksel Dedeoglu, PercepTonic

"Vision-Based Gesture User Interfaces," Francis MacDougall, Qualcomm

"Combining Flexibility and Low-Power in Embedded Vision Subsystems: An Application to Pedestrian Detection," Bruno Lavigueur, Synopsys

"Fast 3D Object Recognition in Real-World Environments," Ken Lee, VanGogh Imaging

"Implementing Histogram of Oriented Gradients on a Parallel Vision Processor," Marco Jacobs, videantis

"Programming Novel Recognition Algorithms on Heterogeneous Architectures," Kees Vissers, Xilinx

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