Konstantin Kudryavtsev, Vice President of Software Development at DeGirum, demonstrates the company’s latest edge AI and vision technologies and products at the September 2023 Edge AI and Vision Alliance Forum. Specifically, Kudryavtsev demonstrates streaming edge AI development and deployment using the company’s JavaScript and Python SDKs and its cloud platform.

On the software front, DeGirum continues to prioritize user experience and adaptability. The company has launched a user-friendly Python SDK and will soon launch a JavaScript SDK. The upcoming SDK promises seamless real-time operations directly from browsers, a testament to DeGirum’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and ease-of-use for developers worldwide.

In the demo, Kudryavtsev showcases DeGirum’s JavaScript SDK executing Yolo-based face detection directly from the browser using a local AI accelerator. Concurrently, he demonstrates the company’s Python SDK running Yolo-based hand detection via the cloud. Both SDKs assist with the preprocessing and postprocessing tasks, as well as improving efficiency. And both implementations utilize local camera feeds and display real-time processing.

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